Supercharge Your MLM Business With an Internet Marketing Group


You may be already be using both online and traditional direct marketing methods to attract potential business builders and product users to your MLM company. Perhaps you are having some success but not enough or at too great an expense. You may even be actively encouraging your downline to use direct marketing methods but they don’t have the technical capacity or money to invest in direct marketing methods and so are resistant to growing their businesses in other than the familiar MLM method of lists of personal contacts and one on one presentations.

This can be discouraging for even the most dedicated network marketer. But, creating a pool of marketing assets with your motivated downline business builders reduces the expense for all and accelerates the growth of all participating members. It also creates a significant “Differentiator” that becomes a powerful way for you to recruit new, highly motivated business builder members into your organization.

Using a network internet business plan to recruit people who are looking for lifestyle and career alternatives or career improvements and are willing to follow a system that is built on a network marketing base and have the means to make a modest investment of time and money will supercharge the growth of your business.

And, it can help to energize those members of your organization who are hanging on at the margins of the compensation plan because they cannot grow for any number of reasons, including MLM burnout.

There are very large numbers of people throughout the country who are interested in starting a business of their own. They may not have the desire or resources to invest in a raw start-up or a franchise business or they may not otherwise be interested in building a traditional network marketing business. But, they want the rewards of these types of businesses and will join an organization with a solid marketing plan that demonstrates that their success is highly likely by following proven methods from an experienced “mentor”.

Your “Network Internet Group” consists of individuals who pool resources to market their separate and distinct businesses via online and traditional offline methods.

Marketing Pool

The marketing pool serves as the financial foundation for the group’s advertising and marketing efforts. It consists of two “pools” of funds:

Marketing Funds
The pool of funds for group marketing
Leadership Participation Funds
Compensation for participating members over and above the MLM company compensation plan

The group agrees to follow the “Founding Group” (you and others in your organization who agree to participate with you) direction and methods to achieve success. Participating individuals will also continue to independently market their business using their own resources to assure the success of their business.

The Founding Group will direct investments in the following areas:
Web site design
Pay-per-click marketing traffic (PPC)
Copy writing
Classified ad copy
Seminar development
Other direct marketing methods.

These investments will be tested, measured and constantly improved so that the following downline participating members will have both product and business interest traffic driven to their respective sites. The Founding Group will use mechanisms to share traffic results equitably with participating members.
Plan Participation

The individual business owners must agree to do the following, as members of the Network Internet Group:

Make an investment of some amount over and above whatever is required to join your MLM company to participate in the group
Become a member of your MLM company
Agree to achieve the highest rank within your MLM company
Buy minimum product requirement for sales leaders of the highest rank
Agree to participate in group marketing efforts
Host seminars in their area
Mentor their downline members
Promptly respond to recruiting and product inquiries

Your group’s marketing will attract potential members who cannot make the initial investment, but who otherwise have the desire and capacity to grow to the highest compensation rank level with the support of willing mentor members.

These prospective members should have marketing resources and traditional recruiting techniques made available to them by their mentor sponsors and the Founding Group.

They should be considered for inclusion into your Network Internet Group plan when they are able to make the group fee investment, but first must dedicate adequate amounts of time and resources to their business and fulfill the highest rank product usage requirements of your MLM company. Your group may also consider some mechanism to “vote” these members into the participating group through an examination of their personal efforts to ensure they are ready for the responsibilities of the group.
Marketing Pool and Leadership Funds

The group participation fee is divided equally into the “marketing pool”, which will be used for the benefit of the Internet Marketing Group and distribution to the sponsoring member and upline members. (The following example shows a 4 level deep compensation plan and assumes a $1,500 participation fee):

1st Level: $300 (sponsoring member)
2nd Level: $225 (1st upline member)
3rd Level: $150 (2nd upline member)
4th Level: $75 (3rd upline member)

Your company’s compensation plan is likely very different, so you will have to adjust the distribution accordingly. But, for best results, it is important to keep the largest leadership bonus closest to the leader who recruited the person joining the group.

Advertising Plan

The primary advertising efforts should consist of most, if not all of the following:

Web sites that attract and market the Internet Network Group plan to potential member owners
Web sites that sell your company’s products
Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to bring traffic to the member web sites
Advertising on sites like, and other resume sites to attract potential members
Auto-responder “drip” email campaigns to increase response rates of prospects who did not buy a product or become a Network Internet Group member
Purchase of mail lists of prospective business owners and product users

As the fund builds from the initial online success, the marketing efforts should add offline techniques:

Classified Advertising in local and national newspapers
Entrepreneur Seminars held in member cities
These seminars will be designed to recruit entrepreneurs and,
Describe the marketing program
Feature group success stories
Screen shots of Network Internet Group financial results
Screen shots or live demonstrations of web sites
Web Sites

The “Founding Group” will build “template” sites that will be published to the web and maintained for participating members. The template sites will consist of:

Business Recruiting Sites
Working women
Over 50
Single Moms
Product Sites

As appropriate for your MLM company

The member sites will equally benefit from the traffic generated by the recruiting efforts. Business and product prospects should be assigned to the correct member by means of “load balancing” software, in round robin fashion.

The product sites will be similar but not identical in copy and tone to the Founding Member sites and the recruiting or product response links will point to the appropriate member. The member sites will share keywords and link to “Founding Group” site at the footer of each member site page.

Footer links to the Founding Group web sites causes all member sites to gain the benefit of higher Search Engine placement by sharing the cumulative traffic generated by all associated sites with minimal PPC costs incurred.

Technology Plan

All web sites, keywords, copywriting, direct marketing, even hosting and server management should be developed by and remain the responsibility of your Founding Group. Services can be bid on elance or similar technical services sites to ensure favorable pricing and prompt delivery of services.

Initial Marketing Efforts

You can start the marketing for your internet group in parallel with the technology development by offering to waive the Internet Marketing Group fee to early adopters of the plan. Those business builders would be guaranteed all of the benefits of the technology and marketing plans but would only bear the costs of the MLM company fee and their commitment to the highest sales leader monthly minimum of product purchases, for example.

This technique lowers the costs of startup and advances recruiting of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who will be motivated to build their downline while building their own businesses.

It also lowers the risk to Founding Group members by having a downline committed to the plan before dedicating financial resources to its development.


By adopting an Internet Marketing Group concept for your business, you will show true differentiated leadership to your new business recruits and your downline. Your business will show “supercharged” growth by accelerated recruiting, increased product usage and an energized and stronger downline.

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